Sunday, 10 July 2016

Milo of Kroton

Here are 5  facts I have learnt about Milo of Kroton

  1. Milo of kroton was a 6th Century BC Greek Wrestler
  2. He also led a military victory for his people
  3. Milo of Kroton was said to be a friend of Pythagoras who was a famous mathematician and philosopher
  4. Milo of Kroton consumed 10 kilos of meat and bread and 10 liters of wine each day
  5. He was an Olympic champion at 60 years old!

By Charlie

1 comment:

  1. Hi Charlie,

    Wow, you have posted some really interesting facts about Milo of (C)Kroton. I had no idea that he used to consume so much food and wine every day. Can you imagine eating 10 kilos of bread and meat in a single day? I certainly couldn't!

    I also couldn't imagine being an Olympic competitor at the age of 60. From my understanding, the oldest Olympian to compete in the modern day games was even older than that! He was a 72 year old man from Sweden named Oscar Swahn. Apparently he participated in the deer shooting even at the 1920 Olympic games and won a silver medal in the event. Pretty incredible, eh?!

    Cheers, Rachel