Thursday, 21 July 2016

Tokyo Olympics Logo

Here is my logo that I created in Design manic. I think it looks good even though Design manic only let me use two shapes and I also found it fun to choose a logo to recreate. Here is the logo that I recreated…

By Charlie

Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 8.34.41 PM.png

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  1. Hi Charlie,

    It's great to see you online during the second week of your holidays. Welcome back! It's also great to see that you have been able to create such a unique logo. Design Mantic does impose some restrictions so I think that you've worked really well within the limitations of the programme. Nicely done!

    I particularly like the addition of the red semi-circle above the triangle in your design. It reminds me of the sun and Japan is commonly referred to as the 'land of the rising sun.' Were you aware of this when you created your logo by any chance?

    I hope that you'll consider sharing another post with us over the next few days, Charlie. I'd love read more!

    Cheers, Rachel :)