Monday, 11 July 2016

Activity 2: Milo of Croton facts By: Shanya

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  1. He was born at Crotone, Italy and died at Capo Colonna, Italy.
  2. He had many success as a wrestler.
  3. Milo was the subject of tales, of strength and power.

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  1. Good morning Shanya,

    I am so happy to see that you've posted another activity blog for the Winter Learning Journey. That's fantastic!

    I really enjoyed learning more about Milo of Croton from reading your blog. It sounds like he was a very powerful and elite athlete. Apparently, he was also incredibly strong and actually held up the roof of a house with his bare hands. Can you believe that?

    According to an old wives' tale, Milo held up the roof of a house that belonged to the famed philosopher, Pythagoras, saving his life! He also reportedly went on to marry Pythagoras' daughter, Myia.

    I hope that, like me, you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about a famous Olympian!

    Keep up the great work (and the great learning),

    Rachel :)