Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Curies Recount Orginizer

It was national New Zeland Science week and on tuesday we did three science expiriments together as a hub but in our literacy groups, Here is my recount about what we did on tuesday.
Terrific Science
This is my plan.
This is my recount.

On Tuesday the 17th of May 2016 Hub 8 did three science experiments in the hub and got to see and learn how the scientific stuff works. Because it was national science week.

Firstly, we all went in our literacy groups and we went with our literacy teachers first, At the fizz inflator with Mrs Parker we saw two balloons blow up in different ways without blowing it from our mouths the first one we used yeast, baking soda, castor sugar and an empty plastic bottle. Mrs Parker added all the ingredients in the empty bottle on the instruction it said to pour in warm water but Mrs Parker poured in cold water, Next Mrs Parker put a balloon over the bottle and left it on the bench on the window. We left it at the window to let the water get warmer and and after an hour the yeast in the water and gotten bigger and the balloon risen up. Finally it was time for the one with vinegar and baking soda everybody knew that this one would rise up fast and it did, we firstly added the vinegar into another empty bottle and we poured a teaspoon of baking soda into the balloon the last step was to put the balloon on the bottle and she did and all the baking soda poured down into the vinegar and as soon as possible the vinegar and baking soda raised up and the balloon blew up quickly and some of the vinegar got in the balloon.
Secondly, we moved to Mr Stuart and we did dancing raisins which sounded cool but at the end it turned out not so cool because we poured in the soda and we dropped in the raisins but they just sank immediately and did nothing. But then suddenly one came up for a few seconds then sank back down to the bottom of the cup which was very upsetting for our group.
Image result for dancing raisins
Thirdly, We 
went with Whaea Nin to do the amazing hoop glider which was fantastic we built our own amazing hoop glider out of straw and paper circles. Firstly we sticked a big circle out of paper strips and we had the choice of hot glueing the paper or sticking with tape. Next we did the same step only with a smaller circle. Fianally we got the straw and sticked it along with the circled strips of paper now its was time to test out our incredible hoop glider.We did a competition to see who's worked the furthest but it was windy so it was very difficult.
Image result for the amazing hoop glider

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