Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Carmen's science recount

Yesterday we tested out three awesome experiments in the hub for science week the whole hub contributed to the science. Mrs Parker did The fizz inflator Mr Stuart did Dancing raisins and
Whaea Nin did the Incredible Hoop glider. We went around in literacy groups. I will not explain the incredible hoop glider.  

Firstly we started off with the Fizz inflator with Mrs Parker. She carefully poured 1/2 cup of vinegar into a bottle with a tablespoon of baking soda in a balloon.  Next we Stretched the balloon over top of the bottle and gently tip the baking soda into liquid and   
The balloon will inflate with carbonic acid gas.
Next we poured some sugar water and a tablespoon of yeast in a bottle and put a balloon on the lid and left it in the sun. Eventually the yeast balloon will inflate.

Soon after the fizz inflator we found ourselves at Mr Stuart's rotation the dancing raisins. Well the raisins didn't  dance but that was okay. First we poured some soda into a clear plastic cup then added six raisins and waited for a long time and only one floated/danced.  :(   
Image result for dancing raisins

One more experiment to go the incredible hoop glider. First we made two circles with a small piece of paper and a large. After making the circles we glued the paper circles to a straw the large on the back and the small on the front.

What a fun day I wish our hub could do some more cool science experiments like this.

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