Thursday, 12 May 2016

Pativai's How To Make A Double Waka

Equipment  :

  • Help from adult

  • Dry flower flax stalk

  • kebabs sticks
  • Scissors

  • Sticky tape or glue gun

  • Craft knife

  • A chopping board

  • Paper

  • Colouring pens

1 . Break off two dry flower flax stalk

2 . Have a adult cut it with an crafting knife into long pieces on an chopping board. This optional if you want to do this then shape the end of the flax stalk.

3 . Glue or push your kebab stick through both of the flax stalk to make the waka, if you are gluing it I prefer using an glue gun instead of tape. If you are pushing it through I prefer you can push it through only an little bit or if pushing it all the way, cut off the end. This will hold the waka together.

4 . Glue an kebab stick on each of the dry flower flax and push it so the ends meet to make an triangle.

5 . Draw an design on a paper for the sail then cut out and glue it onto the triangle for the sail.

6 . Test it out and see if your double waka can float.

I hope you can make your own double waka maybe with different equipment, instructions and maybe different designs for your sail and double waka.

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