Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Charlie's Science Week Recount

This is my Recount on Science week.We Did Three Experiments 1. Fizz inflator  2. Dancing Rainsins 3. Hoop Glider. I Choose The Dancing Rainsins, Hope You Enjoy My Recount

I know what you're thinking I mean Dancing raisins How crazy, Anyway Hub 8 Did an experiment called dancing raisins.It's not too complicated mostly includes carbon dioxide and solid atoms . This Experiment unfortunately did not include an explosion but still caused an interesting reaction.

Firstly we got a cup but it had to be a clear plastic cup.we used a flexible clear plastic cup. We could have used lemonade but instead we used soda water mostly because it was cheaper to buy. When we poured the soda water in it then started to fizz then the bubbles were created.

Next it was time for the raisins. We plopped them in one by one. At first they floated then after about ten seconds they sank.
Then after another minute one by one each raisin with a very slow procedure the raisins would each get covered in bubbles then when there was enough bubbles to lift the raisins the raisins would float up to the top then the bubbles holding the raisin would pop and the the raisin  would sink down again.
This would just going on and on until all the bubbles had disappeared.

I Learned that carbon dioxide is the fizz in soda water and that the carbon dioxide creates the bubbles in soda water. When there was enough bubbles connected to one raisin the bubbles would lift the raisin to the surface and then when the bubbles got to the top they would pop, meaning that the Raisins would sink back to the bottom of the cup.    

Doing this experiment I Learned a lot of things but the one thing that interested me was how the bubbles floated.The Raisins Floated because of the carbon dioxide AKA The Bubbles had connected to raisins and there was enough air to lift the raisins up and when the bubbles got to the top they popped and the raisins would sink back down  to the bottom of the cup.   

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