Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Faiths Recount about our science day:

This is about our science day on Tuesday 17th May 2016

At first hub 8 had to go to our rotations. My first rotation was in the wet space in hub 8. We learnt about carbon dioxide, the things that you use to make carbon dioxide (which is gas) you will need H2O ( Water ) yeast and baking soda. We used 2 bottles, one with yeast, H20 and sugar. We used them to also create carbon dioxide but with this experiment it only made the balloon inflate a little.

The way we made it was by putting all the ingredients in a bottle and quickly put a balloon on top and you will see that you will create air in your balloon. Choose one of your favourite science experiments. After that we had to rotate to our second rotation. My second rotation was about dancing raisins but the raisins weren’t alive and dancing but they were kind of like sizzling.

We used transparent soda/Lemonade. Instead we just used soda water because it was much more cheaper than lemonade or transparent soda. First you had to put your liquid in. Then the next thing you have to do is put your raisins in the cup. If you wait a little bit longer then you would see that the raisins will start fizzing and the bubbles will surround the raisins, if you dip your finger in then the bubbles will surround your finger.

Then we rotated again. Just before my group rotated we drank the soda water. I didn’t really like the soda water though. When I went to my last rotation I learnt about a circle plane. It turns out that when they were building planes back in the day they thought of a plane design that had no wings but it had circles on it. The way it worked was that the air in the 2 circles went through the smaller 2 circles causing the plane to keep up and fly straight.

These were the new things that I learnt and they were really fun. I hope that we do more of these experiment soon.

                                    The End

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  1. Well done Faith,

    Thank you for writing this. It sounds like you had a really good science day and you learnt a few things.

    Keep writing Faith!