Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Curies Dear Diary: Into the jaws of death

We have been learning about anzac wars and what it felt like at war and so we wrote a diary pretending to be one of the soldiers.
WALHT: to use our senses to show rather than tell.
Learning Progression: Structure and Language. Use Visual features to engage the audience and convey meaning.


BK: Here is a picture called ‘Into the Jaws of Death.’ Taken by Robert F. Sargent June 6, 1944

MM: Complete a Y chart on a mini whiteboard first about what you would have seen, heard, and felt jumping out of the boat on the dawn of June 6 1944.
You will attend a workshop on Monday to help you with this task.
AU: Pretend you are one of these soldiers and write a diary account of the day you went to war.

Dear Diary

I am having an very hard time working as a soldier in war. There is a huge army of enemies waiting on high land above the sea where we shall fall upon our dead. I have had a hard but enjoyable time working as a soldier we have been sleeping in uncomfortable trenches but we have been having a fun time training with guns and I love having mascots here beside me I feel very safe and brave. Having the mascots with me is very helpful because they always have a happy side somewhere to give to the soldiers .

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