Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My science week

Mind blowing experiments !

On may the 17th 2016 Tuesday was science day and I was happy! The whole hub got to try out 3 experiments as we rotated around in our literacy groups.

Our first science experiment was the fizz inflator. The fizz inflator was the only one I have seen. We were mainly looking at how it formed, H20 (water) and c02 (Carbon dioxide).  For this project we were in groups of 3.

We used two ingredients which were vinegar and baking soda. We also had 2 objects which were a water bottle and a balloon. When we mixed up the vinegar and baking soda, together we put the balloon on top of the lid and the gas blew up the balloon.
Then the gas started to dissolve and the balloon was beginning to go down.

The second activity we did was the dancing raisins. The dancing raisins activity was easy to make. We were predicting about how it would look like after when we made it. We were in groups of 3 for this project.

For the dancing raisins we used raisins, soda water and a clear cup. When we put in the raisins with the soda water the bubbles started to come to it, then it started to go up and down. After that we got to taste the soda water and the raisins.

Finally our last science experiment was the hoop glider. The hoop glider was what scientist use to predict how planes would look like. The hoop glider can go far away, because when mr Stuart threw his one it nearly got stuck on a gap near the ceiling.

The hoop glider was made out of strong paper, cello tape, hot glue, and  a drinking straw. My hoop glider didn't go that far, because it wasn’t even. At the  end we got to have a competition of whose hoop glider would go the furthest. That was our last science experiment.

I thought that the dancing raisins would jump out of the cup and repeat  itself.  I felt really excited in the beginning to the end.

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