Friday, 23 December 2016

Shanya's Bonus - Short story

I looked around the room nothing seemed unusual, but then, the painted trees on the my wall came to life filling up the room. I looked around it was if my dream came to life but it couldn't have. I was so puzzled then I thought that I should go back to bed, but as I turned around my bed wasn't there, neither my wardrobe or study desk or display shelf. The I slowly start walking to the trees. I thought that I should just touch it because I don't know how long I'll be here . Underneath my feet was grass  at the very tip of my toes was a stream leading to a waterfall. All of a sudden animals started appearing. A cute little bear came up to me and stroked it's fluffy fur on my legs.  But then everything started fading and my room was appearing. I was puzzled when I was standing in the back yard. But then My mum called me in. 


  1. Wow Shanya!!

    It is unbelievable I felt scare in the middle! By the way I want to keep reading, and tell me if your are writing another story!!!!!

  2. I might write another story because i enjoyed writing that story.

  3. This story is so cool! I like how you were subtle and didn't explain that you were sleep walking. It was very poetic, the imagery flowed. It was a beautiful read.

    I'm not sure if you realise how good you wrote just then, but my advice is to keep writing! Maybe one day you could be a novelist!

    Kia kaha,