Friday, 23 December 2016

Shanya's W1, D5 - Activity 1 - My recommened book

         Figgy in the world
This book is about a girl from Ghana. She only lived with her grandmother and her goat Kwele I think it was. But unfortunately her grandmother got very ill so she snuck out on a adventure to america only she didn't reach the destination.  Will her grandmother make it?

                                                            Image result for figgy and the world


  1. Hi Shanya!!

    I do know that book remember you told me about that book and another book in the school library, and you also told me it is a very good book for family, by the way I have a question how many books are there in this series?

  2. Hi Ashleigh!

    There are only 2 books, one is figgy in the world which is the first book and then there is figgy and the president which is the last series. I have read both of them but not in order.

    From, Shanya

  3. Hmmm, this story sounds interesting! Thanks for not ruining the ending! I wonder if I could find it and read it to my class. Do you think they would enjoy it?

    Keep up the great work!