Sunday, 25 December 2016

Shanya's W2, D10 - Activity 2 - Favourite subject

  1. The name of your favourite subject - Writting
  2. Why it is your favourite subject - I really enjoy writing because It cools me down and I can write all my feelings out and there are different ways to write


  1. Hi Shanya!

    I really agree with you like sometimes I love writing my chapter book because I have a lots of idea, and sometimes I felt like I don't want to do my chapter book any more, because I don't have any idea.

  2. Hi Shanya!

    I love writing too! Have you seen the screenplay that is out in bookshops now? The one for Heavenly Beasts? It is pretty cool, maybe your library will get a copy.

    You might not know, but I studied film down in Wellington before I became a teacher. I really enjoy writing too! But I write screenplays (scripts). I actually have a really cool website that could help you out if you're interested!

    It's and it is FREE, but be careful that you read the instructions when signing up so you don't end up thinking that you have to pay, because you don't!0 has some good resources including an archive of some real scripts, which if you read a few, you'll be able to see how people write scripts.

    You might really enjoy this, I know I do. Writing scripts is like writing a novel without all the difficult description and poetry, you have to be very focused on what you are trying to say and leave enough out so the director feels like he/she is doing something.

    I hope that is interesting!

    Kia kaha,


  3. Hi Shanya,

    It's great to see that you love writing (although I read in a recent post of Ashleigh's that you also love 'Breakthrough')!

    I think that writing is a great way to express yourself and to share your ideas and thoughts with others. Writing can be a wonderful release -

    I hope that you will continue with your writing this summer. By blogging you will be practicing your writing skills and ensuring that you start your next year in the best possible position to achieve at your best!

    Rachel :)