Sunday, 25 December 2016

Shanya's W2, D10 - Activity 1 - Where would you rather school.

  1. Whether you would rather go to school in New Zealand or in Germany - I think that I'd rather school in New Zealand, because In germany they have more lessons and things that I don't really know.
  2. Why you feel that way - I don't want to school in Germany because sometimes I feel really sleepy during long lessons but I keep it inside of me.


  1. Hi Shanya,

    German schools seem different don't they! Starting at 8am and finishing at 1pm is interesting. It seems like they have two periods between each break, with each period being about 45 minutes each, with 6 periods total. It is about the same amount of time we spend at school, except the breaks are shorter - but then they finish a lot earlier too.

    I still think you've chosen the right answer, but I also think Germany is interesting because they teach English as a second language in school - very seriously. So most Germans can speak a little English at least. Do you think New Zealand should try harder to teach Maori in class?

    Keep up the great work, would love to hear your thoughts on what we learn here.


  2. Hi Mr, Barlow,

    I think think that we should learn some maori but learning a foreign language would be go so that you can socialize with people in different countries.

    1. Hi Shanya,

      This is a good idea. I think languages are very important. I feel like we should learn more Maori as it is an important part of our culture, and like you, I also feel we should try learn a foreign language.

      The reason English is taught in so many countries in Primary school is because it is regarded as "the worlds second language" and many people use it for business and travel purposes. Even non-English speakers use it to communicate with different non-English speakers. Because we already speak English we have an advantage.

      If you were to live and do business in another country, which language do you think you would like to learn?

      What language do you think would be most useful in New Zealand schools?

      We have high Asian and Pacifica populations here too. Maybe that will influence your answer.

      Keep up the great work!