Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Faith Day 5 Bonus activity Summer learning journey:

Short story:

I looked around the room, nothing seemed unusual but then I looked for my draws. My draws wasn’t their. At first I thought I was just dreaming but then I pinched myself and realized I wasn’t dreaming. So I ran out of my room to go down the stairs and tell my Mum. But then I looked down and saw that the stairs was gone. I wondered how I was going to get down. I screamed for my mum because she sleeps downstairs. She was still sleeping though. When my Mum is sleeping she won’t get up no matter how hard you try.

But this only meant one good thing. If I couldn’t go down stairs then than that means… NO MORE SCHOOL! Yaaaaay. Everything stopped disappearing it was just the stairs and my draws with all my clothes. So that meant that when my mum wakes up and my dad then they are going to have to build a new staircase so I can come down. But then if I can go down than I will have to get ready for school because I left my uniform on the ground and not inside the draws so my uniform is still here. Noooo! I will have to go to school.


  1. Hi Faith,

    Great story, You put a picture in my head of the story. Also your punctuation was great and how you made some letters bold made me think that the person was maybe screaming or shouting. This was a lovely short story.

    Great job, Shanya

  2. Hahaha, this story is great, Faith.

    I think that dream is telling you to put your clothes away instead of leaving them on the floor. What do you think?