Sunday, 18 December 2016

Faith Day 2 Bonus activity Summer learing journey.

2 things that I did in Wellington (Capital city of New Zealand)

1.When I went to Wellington I went to the museum. The museum was called Te papa. We went in 2015 and that was the year to celebrate  100 years from when the war was happening. I was very excited to see that because I wanted to see what guns they had and also wanted to see it because my birthday was on anzac day.

2.The second time I went there was this year and we went to the shops and we went out for dinner.

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  1. Hi Faith!

    Wow you are lucky! I actually studied film down in Wellington for 3 years so I love that city! It does have quite good shopping doesn't it. I really want to visit and maybe I will have enough time to do that this year!

    Maybe you could check out this link and let me know if you'd be keen to visit this place next time you go. This is the studio that helped make Lord of the Rings and a bunch of other amazing movies. It is very popular in Hollywood.

    Keep up the great work. Your answers are so easy to read, you're a great writer.