Monday, 19 December 2016

Faith Day 4 Activity 1 Summer learning journey.

Five day forecast about australia's weather:

Today which is Monday 19th December 2016 the weather is Mostly cloudy and it is 59 degrees.
Tonight it is going to be 53 degrees. Later on today it is going to be 77f degrees.

Tomorrow Tuesday 20th December 2016 the weather is going to be part cloudy, and it is going to be 85f degrees.

Wednesday 21st december 2016 the weather is mostly sunny and it is going to be 82f degrees.

Thursday is going to be mostly cloudy but hot with a total of 75f degrees.

Friday is going to have nice clouds with the sun and it is going to be 83f degrees.

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  1. Hello again Faith,

    Wow, that is some great research! It looks like we're going to have a pretty nice week!

    It looks like you're using our American friends unit for measuring temperature which is degrees Fahrenheit! It was a scale invented by a Polish physicist a very long time ago and zero degrees in Fahrenheit is something to do with brine (salt and water) and 96 degrees is the average human body temperature. In this scale, the boiling point of water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit and freezing point 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Most of the world now uses degrees Celsius, which puts the boiling point of water at 100 degrees, and freezing point at 0 degrees. Water will almost always boil and freeze at the same temperature, so it is a good marker for setting a scale of 0 and a 100. What do you think? You can read more about it below if you like.

    I hope that was interesting haha!