Sunday, 18 December 2016

Week 1 Day 2 Bounce Activity by Ashleigh

Bonus activity
Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. Have you been to Wellington? If so, please tell us about two things that you did when you were in Wellington.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to go to Wellington, follow the link to learn more about this very cool city: Discover Wellington.
On your blog, tell us what two things you would like to do if you had the chance to visit Wellington. Would you go to the botanical gardens or visit the Beehive? Perhaps you would prefer to go shopping on Cuba Street or go out for dinner on Quay Street…

1. I want to go to botanical gardens because there are going to be lots of plants and flowers, I like flowers because I like to do lots pf gardening with my mom or my mom's friends, and I never been to botanical gardens before so I like to go to botanical gardens if I have chance and explore lots of plants that I never knew.

2. I also want to shopping on Cuba street because I think there are going to be lots of shops and lots of stuff that we never seen in New Zealand.


  1. Kia ora Ashleigh,
    My name is Tania and I am a Manaiakalani Outreach Facilitator - I work in lots of different schools with teachers and learners who, like you, are using chromebooks for their learning and blogs to share their learning. I have been emailing with Rachel and she has told me all about The Summer Learning Journey, great that you have started and achieved so many days activities already. My favourite place to visit in Wellington is Te Papa - it is an incredible Museum with so many things to see. They have the ANZAC display there at the moment and I have seen the Bug Display advertised too! So much to explore. I like the Botanical Gardens too and have been walking through them. It's great that you do lots of gardening with your mum and her friends. Have you planted strawberries for summer? Keep up the great researching, reading, writing, creating and sharing. Enjoy your summer holiday.
    Nga mihi nui

  2. Kia ora Ashleigh!

    Whaaaat? You garden with your family too? That is awesome. We have green thumbs at my house too. I actually used to live in Wellington when I studied film and have been to those botanical gardens! They are lovely, with lots of secret little passages to take and beautiful plants everywhere. Lots of different birds come to the gardens to hang out and eat.

    You're a bit spot on about Cuba Street. It has a lot of Op-Shops or Thrift stores, which are a bit like second hand stores for clothes. They have all kinds of interesting fashion in them from past decades. But also Wellington has an exciting fashion community and lots of little boutique stores where they sell the clothes they design.

    I'm not really big on fashion, but I love walking along the waterfront of Wellington, you can kayak, roller skate, swim, jump off the pier. There are cafes, and even Te Papa is right there. My favourite place to tour is Weta Studios, which is the studio that made Lord of the Rings and a bunch of other really cool movies.

    Check it out at

    Keep up the great efforts,