Thursday, 22 December 2016

Faith W2 D6 BA

Translate these five words into the five languages there are:

Good morning= Buenos días
How much does it cost=Cuanto cuesta
When is the next bus=Cuándo pasa el próximo autobús
Where is the nearest hospital=Dónde está el hospital más cercano

Good morning=Guten Morgen
Goodbye=Auf Wiedersehen
How much does it cost=Wie viel kostet es
When is the next bus=Wann fährt der nächste Bus
Where's the nearest hospital=Wo ist das nächste Krankenhaus

Good morning=salama
How much does it cost=Ohatrinona ny vidin'ity
When is the next bus=Oviana ny bisy manaraka
Where is the nearest hospital=Aiza ny hopitaly akaiky indrindra

Good morning=おはようございます
Good bye=さようなら
How much does it cost=それはどれくらいしますか
When is the next bus=次のバスはいつですか
Where is the nearest hospital=最寄りの病院はどこですか?

Good morning=Goeie more
Good bye=totsiens
How much does it cost=Hoeveel kos dit]
When is the next bus=Wanneer is die volgende bus
Where is the nearest hospital=Waar is die naaste die hospitaal

This bonus activity is worth 10 points.


  1. WOW What a huge amount of work! It is great to see you putting in such a constant effort.

    What you might find interesting is that some of the languages you research actually have an English Romanization - which means things like Japanese hiragana and katakana are written using the English alphabet. Another example might be Vietnamese, which is written with English and French alphabet, so what might be read in English sounds very different to what it really is.

    I'm looking forward to the next blog posting!


  2. Wow Faith, I knew that you are focus on this activity by just looking at all of the thing that you done! What a wonderful job Faith, keep going!