Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Pativai's Reaching Ray's Rock

WALHT :Empathise with a character in a story.

Dean (The main character) at first when he was going to climb Ray’s Rock he was feeling happy then, the weather started to change and he started to feel unsure if he really wanted to climb the mountain.When he took his chance he started climbing and started to feel worried because of the weather.He started to feel really good about himself so he wanted to take an photo but they had to keep on going otherwise it would get worse.He felt proud of himself that he got to get near the top of Ray’s Rock.

This postcard that I wrote was to dean from dad for there adventure climbing up to Ray's Rock.He had so much fun and sometimes he was feeling happy sometimes he was feeling scared and sometimes he felt happy an scared at the same time .

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  1. Hi Pativai, In your postcard you have been able to reflect on some of the things that Dean may have been feeling, such as overcoming his fear and being brave. You've also shown how his emotions changed over time. I wonder, did he really feel 'unsure' at the end of the story?
    Mrs Parker