Friday, 11 March 2016

Charlie's Reaching Rays Rock

This Is My Post card To Dean from the story Reaching Rays Rock.This post card from Deans dad to Dean.

And underneth that is how he was feeling over time in the book.

At the Being of the story it is up because he does dont know about the thunder storm.Then its hits the unsure emotion because it is up to dean to decide wether they should turn back or not.Then it goes down to Scared and worried beacase he falls down in the snow and hits himself on a rock that is siting on the ground. Try reading the story to figure out the rest of the points on this drawing.

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  1. Hey Charlie, You've done a great job empathising with the character in these activities, you've reflected on what he might have been thinking during the story and recognised the ups and downs that occurred as he headed towards Ray's Rock. Well Done.
    Mrs Parker