Tuesday, 22 March 2016

flag referendum process by Shanya

The flag referendum procces

For the past few weeks we have been learning about the flag referendum. For build knowledge we had to go home and ask our parents if they wanted to change the flag or not, and why?

Then we moved onto make meaning we had to analyse people's comments, like which one we liked the most and which part we agree with. For the other part of make meaning we had to annotate Freya's flag.

For apply understanding we had to make our own flag and annotate it. Then we had to send a letter to John key about whether or not we wanted to change New Zealand's  flag.

               Finally we had to share our letters to John key and our flag onto the hub blog. Then we did our own personal private vote.Then we did our private referendum vote for our hub! For the results it was 44% for the old flag and the new flag it was 56%! Some people were happy and some were not because the new flag had more votes than the old flag.

Image result for new flag of NZ

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