Thursday, 10 March 2016

Curie's Reaching Ray's Rock Postcard

WALHT: Empathise with a character in a story.
Learning Progression: Connecting - I can make connections within and across a wide-range of texts e.g. empathise with characters in situations, predict possible outcomes
Visualising - I use key words, and descriptive phrases to imagine characters, settings and actions in novels
Success Criteria: Empathise with the character by considering their feelings  based on the details of the text and the description of the track. Creating a reflection postcard/letter from one character to another from the text.

Reaching Ray’s Rock by Helen O’Carroll School Journal P4 N3 2005

This graph show's how Dean was feeling during his time climbing the mountain such as when the circles are up it means he was safe but when it was down it means he was worried and the middle means he was unsure.When it was above the unsure he felt happy and he wanted to take a photo. But when he fell he felt worried that he would get hurt.

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  1. Hi Curie, Well done on your graph clearly showing Dean's changing emotions throughout the story. Your postcard also summarises the main challenges and triumphs for Dean, meaning you were able to empathise with the character. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Parker