Thursday, 24 March 2016

Maya's Stonefields School Flag Design

This is my  stonefields school flag  and To make it I had to deside what I was going to put on my flag. So me and charlie went onto an app called pixela.We found these little men and then we coloured them to look like the learning process people.After that Me and charlie made a mountain and put the rocks in it just like on the pit when It digs under ground you see the rocks of the the little men.  


  1. Hi Maya, You and Charlie collaborated well to design this flag. You have also explained your use of symbols and connected them to the Stonefields symbols we use.

  2. Hi Maya, I think you have explained your design really well and visitors to Stonefields School would be able to easily understand the meaning behind why you chose to put these on your flag. Well done!