Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Charlie's Letter To John Key

Charlie H
81 Tihi St
Stonefields School

John Key
Prime Minister
Parliament Building
New Zealand

17 March 2016

Dear John Key,

My name is Charlie and I am in year four at Stonefields School.

This Is  what I think about the flag referendum.

Why do we have to change the flag? Just because our flag was made after Australia it does not mean that we have to change the flag. Did you know that there used to be 53 countries that had that union jack on their flag and have changed it since, plus that money could have been used on something way better than a new flag. Such as  giving it to charity, that would have been a much better choice.  
Did you know lots of people think that getting a new flag is just a waste of money. I agree because I think that this is a waste of money, and that we should keep the flag because lots of our soldiers have fought and died underneath that flag. 
I am a scout and scout’s represent the
anzac soldiers which is why that is important to me.
Yours Sincerely,

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  1. Hi Charlie, you've been able to form and explain your opinion with clear reasons why. Great work.
    Mrs Parker