Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Curie's Stonefields School Flag Design

This is my learning about designing a flag for Stonefields School. I enjoyed making this flag because I could add images and create images. I felt that this task was interesting because I could design my own flag for school.
Next time I could improve on adding more things that relate to Stonefields School. See my labelled flag below, which shows why I used the different symbols.


  1. HI Curie, you have selected useful symbols to depict Stonefields School. You've also made connections between your design with the Stonefields Rocks and the NZ flag design with the silver fern.

  2. Hi Curie, Have you researched how traditionally flags were designed using mathematical measurements? Yours would translate beautifully into abstract symbols with the shapes you have chosen. Perhaps you could try it and see the design looks like. Well done!
    Anne Sinclair