Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Curie's Letter to John Key

Curie .C
81 Tihi St
Stonefields School

John Key
Prime Minister
Parliament Building
New Zealand

17 March 2016

Dear John Key,

My name is Curie, I am a year 6 girl at Stonefields School in Auckland. I live with my family and we are from South Korea, But we live in St John’s in Auckland. This term my class have been focusing on New Zealand changing our flag and we decided to send this letter to you so you can understand how each of us feels about changing the flag.

In my opinion I think that we should change the New Zealand flag because in my opinion I believe that we are not part of the British Government anymore and the flag does not represent us. Also in my point of view I can see that the new flag can show the world that we are New Zealand more clearly because the black can represent the All Blacks, Black Caps and other New Zealand black sports team. The Silver Fern can represent all the places around New Zealand. Also I like how we added a symbol of black and the Silver Fern to show that we are New Zealand just like South Korea has a symbol that appears around South Korea and it also appears on the flag.

I wonder if most people want other ideas for the new flag like me. I know that lots of people have been voting and some have been voting for the old flag while others are voting for the new flag.If I was able to vote then I would vote for the new flag.

Yours Sincerely


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  1. Hi Curie, I like how you have connected your knowledge of the Korean flag to what is happening in New Zealand with our flag. I too wonder how many people have voted and what the outcome will be.
    Mrs Parker