Friday, 18 March 2016

My flag design by Shanya

Today we had to design a flag for our School. first we had to ask our parents about what they think about changing the flag, then we had to annotate someone else's flag that they made. After we had to make a flag for our school. I think I did well at designing the mountain and the rocks, but I found it quite difficult to do the left side of the mountain.


  1. Great work Shanya, You've worked hard to create a flag which you think represents Stonefields School. I like the way you have justified your opinion by explaining the use of all the different symbols and colours.

  2. What an amazing flag Shanya! You have really thought about how to incorporate Stonefields School into this design and I like the links you have with Mt Wellington. I really liked the idea of the ladder, what a great way to show our learning journey.