Friday, 11 March 2016

Maya's Reaching Rays Rock

WALHT: Empathise with a character in a story.
Learning Progression: Connecting - I can make connections within and across a wide-range of texts e.g. empathise with characters in situations, predict possible outcomes
Visualising - I use keywords, and descriptive phrases to imagine characters, settings and actions in novels
Success Criteria: Empathise with the character by considering their feelings  based on the details of the text and the description of the track. Creating a reflection postcard/letter from one character to another from the text.

Reaching Ray’s Rock by Helen O’Carroll School Journal P4 N3 2005

this is a gragh that shows deans feeling over time middle means unsure up means happy an own means worries

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  1. Hi Maya,
    Your postcard shows that you really understood the learning intention of empathising with the characters. The graph shows some of Dean's journey, but has missed the moment in the middle of the story when he felt very confident and wanted Dad to take a picture.