Thursday, 17 March 2016

Letter to John Key by Shanya

For writing we had to write a letter to john key for the flag referendum. First we had to complete a Y chart, on the Y chart it says "What I know." "What I think." and "I wonder." Then we had to write the letter that the teachers have given us (Template).

Dear John Key,

My name is Shanya. I am a year 5 girl at Stonefields school. I think that we should change our flag.

My first reason is that us, and Australia only have a difference by one star on their flag. There are so many countries in the commonwealth that don’t have the union jack, but their are only 4 more countries including us that do have the union jack.

Secondly, by changing the flag people don't  get confused between our flag and Australia’s flag. The new flag is much more unique than our current flag, because what is the difference between Australia's and ours that really shows.

Thirdly I wonder the impact on people when we change the flag. I also wonder about how many dislike or like the new flag.

Yours Sincerely
Shanya R

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  1. Great work Shanya, You've applied a persuasive writing format to your letter. We'll soon find out how many people dislike the new flag when the referendum is complete. It was really interesting, and fun, holding our own mini referendum in class today. I hope that you enjoyed it too.
    Mrs Parker