Monday, 8 August 2016

Pativai's tsunami Writing

This is my writing about the things I have learnt about tsunami's. It starts of with what a tsunami is and then it starts to get into how to be safe from the tsunami's. I have learnt so much about tsunami's.


A tsunami is a huge wave that can causes heaps of destruction, it can destroys huge tall buildings, cars, houses, farms, and schools. It can go up to 500 metres tall and the tallest tsunami ever was 30.6 million metres. A tsunami is named after the Japanese and it really means harbour wave in English. Harbour wave means a shelter for boats for when the ocean gets a bit rough. A tsunami can cause so much destruction it can wash houses schools and cars away. It goes over a city or an town and then crashes down destroying heaps of lives trees and can even destroy mountains.

When you think it is just an normal day and you're on the beach but you hear this alarm, it mean you need to evacuate and go straight to high ground. There are warning signs that you would hear to inform, you that a dangerous tsunami is going to be coming. There are warning signs around the whole world to make sure people can be safe from a huge chomping wave, there is something called the ring of fire. The ring of fire is the places of underwater volcanoes and if it ever erupts something called an warning buoy would send a signal to land to make they are safe.

To be safe you need to listen to the radio news and any alarms for the people who live closer, to the water or for the people near the water. This is to inform you to get to high ground. The reason why you need to get to high ground is that that you don’t get injured by the crushing waves. A tsunami can be very dangerous because of it’s rough waters and it’s strength can pull you and you can drown. By going to high ground you can be safe from sweeping waters and the rough waters.

You can spot a tsunami easily on the beach, the tide goes far back that mean the chomping wave is going to hit. You can start to see the dangerous wave when it starts to come into shallow water it gets bigger then bigger and even bigger then hits land and that’s when you need to start getting into high ground.

After the tsunami it will still be filled with water and things that the tsunami washed up. After all the water is gone you will be sort of left will this huge pile of things that have been washed up but destroyed. Tsunami’s are so big and dangerous that is why you need to hear out or see what people are doing to try and get to high ground.

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