Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Breakthrough reflection:

Breakthrough reflection:

What part of the exhibition were you most proud of?
I was proud of everyone in the musical because they made the musical great with their great acting, dancing, singing and more.

What area of the graduate profile do you think you have grown the most? And why?
I think I have grown the most in collaborating, communicating with other and more.

What feedback did you get from the visitors last night?
I got heaps of feedback from my family and friends. Also from the crowd. They liked the dancers and the acting and my family weren’t sure that the was going to be good and the start but at the end they were amazed.

What part of the exhibition would you have done differently?
I think I would've changed the part when I accidentally tripped over one of my best friends and her name was Aaliyah but she just got back up and we carried on with our dance.

Who would you like to thank for supporting you in your breakthrough?
I would like to thank Kyle's Dad, Stephanie ( My Mum ), Maliaga (My Nana), Whaea nin and all the other people that came to help, the people in the musical and also the people that came to watch our show.

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