Monday, 8 August 2016

Carmen tsunami explanation writting


Intro - hook

P 1 - how a tsunami is formed
P 2 - warning signs
P 2 - how to avoid a tsunami
P 3 - damage caused


A tsunami a long, high sea wave caused by disturbance in the sea. Tsunami in japanese means harbor wave. The wave itself can reach up to 100 ft tall. Here are some interesting and life saving facts about tsunamis. So keep reading.

A tsunami is  energy in the water the reason why the energy is in the ocean is because of :        
An undersea volcanic eruption, nuclear bomb, undersea landslide, meteorite and storm surges. The energy in those are enough to form a tsunami. The tsunami will grow bigger when it reaches the shallow water as soon as it gets closer to the surface it will gain height and reach up to 100 ft.

The warning signs for a tsunami are:                                                                                                  
The tide will go out faster than usual. The seismograph will detect a tsunami coming and there will be a warning for the community. You’re animal will act out of character (running around like a headless chicken) also the warning boi will detect the movement of the tsunami.   

To avoid a tsunami you will need to take lots of  food and water! Blankets and a first aid kits and towels possibly pets  and something that can float. Move up to higher ground  such as a mountain.

The damage caused by a tsunami is that trees will probably be knocked down buildings will be destroyed and cars will be swept out to sea.

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