Monday, 8 August 2016

Curies Tsunami explanantion writing

This week we had to write an explanation about a tsunami and find out lots about tsunami, we learned lots of things and put it all together into a explanation.
What creates a tsunami:
  1. Volcanic eruption
  2. Underwater landslide
  3. Underwater earthquake
  4. Storm Surges
  5. Meteorites
  6. Nuclear explosion

Writing:Explanation of a tsunami
A tsunami is a japanese word for tidal (harbour) wave. A harbour wave is when a big wave appears than normal waves.

The tsunami is normally created by energy from underwater when either a volcanic eruption, underwater landslide, meteorite, eruption or when a nuclear bomb happens.

When an underwater landslide happens the energy from the movement goes up and gives the wave the energy and that’s how the wave gets big  and turns into a tsunami, Also another way a tsunami can get cause by is a nuclear explosion,  But there are more ways that a tsunami can created by. After the tsunami most things near the harbour would have been destroyed and drowning everything with the harbour.

So when  tsunami is coming you should be ready to leave your house and move to higher ground, normally the things you need to do with your family is learn about where to evacuate the house, listen to the radio and pack lots of needed equipment.

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